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Has anyone noticed that in all the hyper hubbub of the work-a-day world, that technology is partially responsible for creating an amazing phenomenon around the world? More and more people are becoming unable to build relationship. A new industry has emerged devoted to helping people interact who are sitting across the table from each other. With the proliferation of Zoom, the chasm of connection has grown ever wider.

Responsiveness used to mean "to react appropriately of sympathetically."  Now, it has also come to mean the ability of a web application to conform to the requirements of a device such as an iphone or ipad.

 Soon, the ability to be genuine will be seen as a forgotten art. But, before that quality becomes extinct, we intend to maintain a human relationship with our clients. If you are a car manufacturer, or an IT firm, who needs authenticity? You've got your robotics or your hand-held device. No problem. But in the world of creative genius, teamwork takes place eyeball-to-eyeball. Skype is good, but it is the next best thing. We respond at a personal level. We are responsive. We take a personal approach and a personal pride in our work, which includes getting behind your project and doing what we need to in order to show your work in its best light. Is this professional or even wise? Some people don't think so. But this is the choice we have made because you can't make good music without it. It's back to basic for us - in fact, we never left it.