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It's Just a CD - Mino Chrstante

Here is a song I recorded around 2004 under the band name, Nick Blue. It was a beautiful time. And, back in the day I began my collaboration with Franco Bertucci. Although this recording was done on a frazzled shoe string, including many adverntures. We could only afford a few takes and go with what we had...Not like today when you can just run endlessly in production in the privacy of your own ego.

It was an honor to work with Dan Ford, perhaps the most gifted percussionist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Here is a link to the album: "It's Just a CD: below. If you want an actual CD...you can email me at mino-at-tante.us ...

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Visit our new PodCast: Monday Nights With Mino

Franco Bertucci has created yet another cool way for us to share our music in its naturally, live, raw and unrehearsed form: Monday Nights with Mino on Podbean. Here is the url:  http monday nights with mino - availalbe on most podcast platforms as well!

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