The Speaker that took 4,000 years to build


Around 4000 years ago, an invention swept across Asia from somewhere in Tibet or Burma (modern-day Myanmar) that revolutionized communications technology forever. By 600 AD in western China, it had reduced communication latency from days to minutes and relayed important information across hundreds of miles, from one locality to another as many as 50 miles apart. Without telephones, radio waves or fiberoptic cables, this extremely efficient information delivery system warned of invasion, declared governmental edicts, announced royal births, and the coronation of emperors. It is said that some devices could influence the weather and bring about rain in times of drought; even engender healing in the human body.

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The Elephant in the Room: Choosing speakers


View an informal discussion about speakers, rooms, and some of the important issues to consider when selecting the speaker system that works for you. We discuss some of the characteristics of the Aluminous Audio Gravitas Speaker system and why they matter. Designer Luke Zitterkopf joins the discussion with Mino Christante of Aluminous Audio as they delve ever deeper into questions about speaker design and the relevance of room in audiophile listening enjoyment.

Here is the link.

Some topics discussed are:

  • Mino's background in the audio industry
  • Luke Zitterkopf's background in audio
  • Some qualities of good speaker design
  • Important considerations for rooms and speaker placement
  • Why Gravitas speakers are in aluminum
  • Porting versus sealed speaker enclosures
  • How Aluminous can visit a client for an in-room demonstration
  • Tuning the room with a speaker design that is versatile
  • Why heavy speakers don't necessarily mean good sound

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hidden talents don't fit in the box of your LinkedIn Profile

Dan Schmalle of Bottlehead Electronics - Photo courtesy of Steve Keller of Keller Photographic

Dan Schmalle, highly successful manufacturer of headphone amplifiers as well as class-a amplifiers in general, recorded me in Febrary of 2020 at "Bottlehead Studios," aka Bottlehead Electronics (Bottlehead.com). What is hidden is that, even though his talents are proven to lie in tube amplification, yet another passion that is unfolding for Dan is in the mystical realm of microphone development. In this recording we used a prototype that he created. Is it a coincidence that this is about the best live recording ever made of one of my songs? I don't think so.

In the world of LInkedin, if your profile does not point to one narrow slice of your abilities, you just don't fit in. "Distractions" in your profile, such as passions or abilities that would seem incompatible need to be avoided. You can really only have one career area. If you seek to describe yourself more fully, that just won't do. This is one of many areas in which 'linkedin profiling" will always come up short, and never fully explain the whole story in the career capabilities of an individual. So, here is a link to a passion I have that does not fit in with my professional profile: a song I wrote "One More Time" (working title).

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